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Areas of France that may interest you


The city of lights and romance is also a metropolis of 10 million people. We'll help you get your bearings and fill you in on the history and culture as we go. It's the world's most visited city; make your visit one to remember with a private guide.

Loire Valley Chateaux & Wines

With exceptional beauty and a colorful history, the Loire valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to France's world-famous castles and producer of many fine wines. With your private guides, witness the breadth of French history and sample French viticulture.

Normandy - Vikings and Liberation

Normandy can boast of a history unique to the rest of France. The region is named after the Vikings who settled here and influenced history across Europe. It is a land of lush landscapes, cheese, apple cider and those famous landing beaches.

Provence / Cote d'Azur

With more interesting landscapes and better beaches than Tuscany, Provence is a picture postcard in France's premier adventure playground. Let your personal guide the blue skies, azure waters and purple fields of lavender paint a memory for you. For a simple transport option, you could think about hiring a car. Rental rates are compared from all the local firms.


Pont Gard
This vast neighbor of Provence with its rich and varied history, dialects and traditions is considered France's forgotten Riviera. When you want charming villages and grand scenery without the grand prices, there's no better place to visit.

Brittany Coast

In this land of rugged coastlines and Neolithic stone monuments, the sea laps on three sides punctuating the isolation that has set Brittany apart since time began. Discover the land of seafarers and Celtic legends.

Fleur Areas by Theme

The blood of France and many a Frenchman. Viticulture is perfected in France where varietals are grown where best suited rather than to fill a current fad. Choose your favorite appellation and we'll take you to where it was meant to be made.

When your country is surrounded by covetous foes and ruled by power-hungry kings, you tend to fight a lot of wars. If you're a battlefield buff or simply want to pay tribute to warriors past, France has an unrivaled military heritage.

Churches & Cathedrals

It was a Frankish king who linked papal authority to the French crown in the 8th century. His son, Charlemagne, spread Christianity through Europe, by force. Needless to say, religious architecture from Romanesque to Gothic abounds in France.

The new hot spot in France. Far enough away from the tourist crowds of Paris to keep it Pristine, the Dordogne is a land of castle-crowned bluffs looming over medieval villages. It is also home of the Lascaux caves and their prehistoric art.

Traveling Under the Radar

We take pride in our flexibility and our ability to travel as locals. These two attributes allow us to call ourselves stealth tourists. "What are stealth tourists?" you ask. Well, maybe this will explain it a little better:


What is Stealth Tourism?

People are taking a lower profile when travelling these days, and with good cause: tourists being targeted in Thailand and the Caribbean, drug violence in Mexico, bombings in Bali, Egypt, Spain and England. Plus, there is the ever-present threat of predatory thieves and price gouging found in every tourist hot spot around the globe. Is it any wonder that Stealth Tourism is on the rise?

So what is Stealth Tourism? It is travelling beneath the radar, so to speak, fitting in among the locals and avoiding the throngs of tourists who stand out like fat sheep in wolf country. To do this, the stealth tourist utilizes a number of tools such as in Ireland where I used a cheap Dublin Airport car hire website.

The number one item in the stealth tourist's handbag is knowledge. It is difficult to look like a local when you don't speak the language or know little about the culture in which you are travelling.

The second item is attitude. A humble, low-key attitude will keep you from being targeted. Also, attempting to utilize the local language, even for simple pleasantries, will endear you to the people.

Third, avoid the places where tourists congregate. This is impossible if your goal is to see the great monuments of tourism but can easily be achieved when one realizes there are equally beautiful and fascinating places to visit that have yet to be discovered by the masses.

Don't travel in large groups. Nothing says tourist more than a pack of people wearing fanny packs and toting cameras.

Why a Private Guide?

People have many reasons to hire a private guide. First and foremost is to see the country in comfort. With a private guide you don't need to worry about the language barrier. Your guide acts as a buffer between you and the unknown. It's a bit like wanting to learn how to sing better in that your singing in the shower doesn't prevent you going on stage and showing off.

A second reason to hire a private guide is to enlighten. It is one thing to visit a new country alone and immerse yourself completely in the culture, it can be exciting. However, at the same time you'll miss out on so much. With a private guide you travel with someone who knows the culture, the history and the landscape. With a private guide you spend more time learning and absorbing what is around you rather than trying to figure out where you are.

A third reason to hire a private guide is because a private guide knows where to go and can suggest places and regions that fit what you are looking for. In the middle column to the right you'll notice that we suggest several regions: Paris, the Loire Valley, Normandy, Brittany, the Dordogne, Provence and Langedoc. But this is not all there is. We will soon add the Rhone Alps regions with Lyon, Annecy and Chamonix. We may add sections on Poitou and Aquitaine, Alsace and Lorraine, and Le Nord and Picardy. A private guide will know the regions and the things you absolutely must see.

Finally - and probably our favorite reason to use the services of a private guide - A private guide allows you to travel more or less under the radar. With a private guide you travel like a local. This lowers your susceptibility to crime, rude behavior and tourist gouging.

So you see, travel with a private guide will make your trip more fulfilling, more relaxing, safer, you'll learn more, appreciate more and you'll make new friends in new places.

What sets us apart from the rest?

Our Travel Partners personal guide services.

This is more than simple guided day tours. We are personal guides, at your side or on call for extended periods of time during your stay. This can be from arrival to departure or for only a few days. You are provided with a driver/guide, a cell phone, our full attention and the flexibility to alter or amend your itinerary as you wish. You are our focus.

More countries on the way

Our network of private guide services, custom itinerary building and professional business services is expanding in new directions.  Recently you may have noticed that we have expanded into the USA, namely the Southwest region around Las Vegas. Soon to follow, we will offer our same high quality private guide services, custom itinerary building services and business services in other regions of the USA including the Northwest and California. Also, we are looking to expand into China, Australia and other interesting parts of the world where our discerning clients will find that a private guide is the best means to discover all there is to see and experience safely.

Other web sites allow any and all people who call themselves private guides to list their services. it is then up to you to take your chances and pick one. With us you will find only the best. most competent, safest and friendliest private guides available. Some are not state certified tour guides, some are. We place more emphasis on personality, safety and competence and less on educational pedigree.

Next time you want to experience a country with a local's perspective, look to us for your private guides, custom itineraries and localized business services.